You Can Afford a Home in Omaha

Omaha has continued to grow as a desirable destination within the Midwest. With a burgeoning tech sector, fun cultural events, and a blossoming restaurant scene, Omaha has lots to offer for a variety of demographics. One of the greatest assets that Omaha has in addition to these cultural benefits is the affordability of its homes. Home values are increasing throughout Omaha, as more people look to buy. However, home prices in the area started at a much more reasonable baseline in advance of the recent boom, which allows everyone to win.

A Reasonable Starting Home Price Benefits Buyers and Sellers

A low unemployment rate and an affordable cost of living in Omaha make it a great place for residents of all ages. Home prices have historically followed this trend as well. Homeowners who purchased their homes five or ten years ago did so below the national average. Omaha is simply a more affordable place to become a homeowner. Because home prices were lower ten years ago, homeowners who bought at that time have seen a steady appreciation in the value of their homes. Since Omaha’s economy has grown alongside the value of these homes, prospective homebuyers can still afford to purchase homes in the area.

Have You Considered Buying a Home in Omaha?

With affordable home prices, and a variety of neighborhood and home-style options, there’s bound to be a good fit for you in Omaha. Have you explored your options for purchasing a home? If you have a stable job situation and you’re planning on living in the area for at least five years, you may want to consider owning. By purchasing a home instead of renting, you can gain equity as part of your monthly payment.

Are You Pre Approved for a Home Mortgage?

If you’re ready to start the search for your new home, you should make sure that you’re pre approved for a mortgage. Mortgage pre approval is a sign to home sellers that you’re a serious player, and it will allow you to move quickly when you find a home that you like. Mortgage pre approval is especially important in a hot housing market, because homes often sell for list price within a matter of days. You don’t want to get left behind after you find a home that you absolutely love.

Bill Swanson Can Find Your Omaha Home

Bill Swanson has over 25 years of experience in the real estate business. He’s also an Omaha native, so he knows the marketplace and neighborhoods within the area. Bill can help you find a home that suits your needs and your lifestyle. If you’re ready to start your home search with Bill Swanson, contact his office in Omaha, NE by calling 402-679-6566.

Buying or Selling a Home in Omaha? Call Bill Swanson Today!

As a long-time resident of Omaha, I know the area and the surrounding communities intimately, and can give you access to information that you could never find online. If you want to know more about the community, are looking to buy a home in a new one, or need the help of an agent to sell your home quickly, conveniently, and successfully, then email [email protected], or call (402) 679-6566.