Will a Video Walkthrough Lead to More Offers on Your Home?

Selling your home quickly is a matter of getting it in front of not only lots of potential buyers, but the right potential buyers as well. You want to show your home to people that want to buy it. If one-hundred people come to your open house, but none of them are in a position to actually buy your home, then you merely threw a weird, casual party for strangers. One of the practices you might employ to drive up interest in your home is creating a video walkthrough. The video walkthrough can give potential buyers a real sense of what your home is like and whether or not they might want to buy it. Before you publish that video to YouTube though, make sure you’re doing it right.

You Probably Don’t Need a Professional Videographer, But You Still Need to Meet Quality Standards

Your first question when creating a video walkthrough of your home might be, “Should I hire someone to do this for me?” If you have the resources to do so, it might make sense to outsource this task. However, you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional video crew to make your walkthrough. You want your home to look nice. Be sure that your video has good lighting and that there are no major technical issues with the final product. You might want sound or light music playing during the video, but be sure to avoid any copyright issues, and don’t make choices that are distracting to the viewer. You simply don’t want the quality of the video to be disruptive to the experience.

A Video Walkthrough Should Be Catering to Buyer Wants

In terms of content, you should cater your video walkthrough to what buyers want. What information would a prospective buyer want to know about your home, and what would they want to see? Are there features that are difficult to describe in a listing? What areas of your home can video bring to life? These are all important questions to answer when creating your video walkthrough. You should also work with your real estate agent to understand what buyers might want out of this video. At the end of the day, this video needs to be a helpful tool.

Video Walkthroughs Can Generate Better Leads by Narrowing the Search for Buyers

Will a video walkthrough actually lead to more offers on your home? What you’re doing is giving people a better idea of what kind of home you’re selling before they visit. That may eliminate some of the prospective buyers, but it’s eliminating them because they aren’t actually interested in your home. You want to help buyers narrow their search by giving them a clearer picture of what they’re buying. Then, when you host your open house, you’ll be attracting guests who know they’re interested in your home.

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