Tips For Finding The Right Living Space If You Have Kids

Your views on what the “right” living space looks like can change when you are preparing to start a family. In addition to finding a place that feels stylish and comfortable, you also need to focus on somewhere that is safe…and easy to clean. Your Omaha real estate group can help you identify features that work well for families, and help you discover the right home for a growing family. While some of these features can be included in the design of the home, there are also additions and renovations that can make a space more family-friendly.

A Kid-Friendly Home Is One That You Can Clean With Relative Ease

Kids tend to be full of energy and creativity. This can make them a joy to raise, but it can sometimes spell trouble for your floors and walls! With that in mind, you may want to look out for floors and walls that will be easier for you to deal with stains and unexpected wall art. Vinyl flooring can be attractive, easy to mop, and scratch-resistant. Tiles in your child’s bathroom can be easy to clean when toothpaste and soap residue accumulate around the sink area. If you still prefer carpeted spaces, look into carpet tiles, which can be removed and professionally cleaned.

Make Sure There Is Space For Everyone In Your Family

Space is always an important consideration when looking at home. If you have the budget to do so, you should try to find a space that is ready to accommodate any new family members who might come along in the next few years. Keep in mind that outdoor spaces can also be important for your youngsters. A larger front and/or backyard area can be great for exercise and play.

Small Additions You Can Make To Create A Better Space For Young Children

You may need to provide a few special touches to make a space feel truly right for your family. Rounded furniture and fixed-cushion sofas can make for a safe space, and one that kids are less able to disrupt. Little additions through home renovation projects can also be beneficial. If you want your kids to have their own (separate space) to read, draw, or play, consider setting up low counters. A coat rack area can give you a convenient (and tidy) space to store winter items for kids to take and leave.

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