Set a Goal for Your Open House

Obviously, the goal for any open house is to find a buyer for your home. However, this can be a little dodgy when used as the only way to measure the success or failure of an open house. There are more intricate steps involved in getting that buyer into your open house. That’s why it’s helpful to set smaller goals for your open house. These simpler goals help keep you on track and increase the likelihood that you reach your ultimate goal. In today’s blog, we explore the small goals you can set for your open house to help you ultimately close that final deal.

Create a Schedule for Any Marketing Materials You Want to Use

One of the goals you can set for yourself when setting up an open house is to meet deadlines. If you’re going to use a sponsored video on Facebook or put up yard signs to get people to your open house, set a goal for when those marketing materials will be ready to go. Giving yourself enough lead time for these marketing materials will increase their effectiveness. If you scramble to get the word out about your open house the day before, you’re simply not going to see as many people at the event. Set a short term goal and meet it!

Find a Way to Measure the Interest You See During the Open House

Of course, your ultimate goal isn’t reached until you have an offer on your home, but there are ways that you can measure the success of your open house outside of this singular outcome. You should find a way to measure the interest that you receive during your open house. This should go beyond just counting the number of people who attend. That number might be valuable, but it would help more to count up how many people inquire about the price of the home, how many people take your real estate agent’s card, or even how many people attended the open house because they saw your promotional materials. Set a goal for these numbers before the open house so you can evaluate its effectiveness.

Evaluate the Goals You Set After the Open House

If you’ve never hosted an open house before, you may not have a great benchmark of what to expect. Setting a goal based on numbers you’re not familiar with can be tough. That’s why it’s important to evaluate the goals you set after the open house. Was it realistic to expect a certain number of people to inquire about your home or see your video tour? Just because you didn’t meet the goal you set beforehand, doesn’t mean the event wasn’t a success. Evaluating your own goals helps you prepare for the next open house.

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