Is Your Home Really Ready To Go On The Market?

interior of a home ready to be soldYou may be prepared to leave your old home, but is your home prepared to go on the market? If you rush into putting the home up for sale, it may stay available for an extended period of time. You should take the time to find out what your home is really worth, and what other properties in your area are currently offering buyers. To make the best possible case for your space, you should also take on relatively small projects that can have a big impact on the desirability of your home. Our Omaha, NE real estate team has helped many people sell and purchase homes in our area. With our experience, we can help you identify issues that may hold up your ability to make a sale, and we can help you make your house as appealing as possible to people who express interest in buying.

Landscaping And Other Exterior Improvements Can Make A Stronger First Impression

You should expect buyers to start judging your home before they ever set foot inside. Your yard, along with the exterior of your home, will effectively make the property’s first impression. Trimming your hedges, cleaning up your garden, and dealing with any weeds in the front yard can help you raise expectations from the moment someone arrives. Other beneficial touches can include power-washing the sidewalks, sprucing up your front porch area, and giving your door a new coat of paint.

Address Small Flaws In The Home Before Welcoming Prospective Buyers

When it comes to home improvements, you can decide if big projects are worth covering yourself, or if you would rather reduce your asking price because of them. Smaller issues like dingy or stained carpets, dripping faucets, and dirty windows should be tackled before people come inside to look around your living spaces. Keeping your space as clean as possible, and addressing any nuisances like dripping sinks, can make your home seem more welcoming.

Your Clutter Can Make Your Space Feel Cramped

While some people are already settling into their new property before making a sale, others will reside in their space as they are trying to sell it. If you are still in the home, look for every opportunity to cut down on clutter. By doing so, you can emphasize the roominess of the home. Because people often prioritize closet space, moving clothes (and donating items you no longer wear) can be particularly helpful.

Our Omaha, NE Real Estate Group Can Help You Move Your Home

Bill Swanson has experience working with homeowners and buyers in the Omaha area, and he can help you find a buyer for your property! If you have questions about the current market, if you are struggling to find interested buyers in your home, or if you have any other real estate questions, call our Omaha, NE real estate group at 402-679-6566.

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