Is Your Home Effective At Keeping The Cold Weather Outside?

The winter weather is on its way, but there is still time to make sure your home is prepared to keep out the cold before it arrives! Home renovation projects can do many things – they can add color, give your home new features, or repair older and worn items. Some of these projects are less interested in what you can see, and more about how you can feel. By taking on projects that help your house keep the cold weather out and keep heat trapped within, you can save money and stay cozy through the winter! In addition to making you more comfortable, the right weather-proofing features can add value to your home if it goes on the market. Our Omaha, NE real estate group is ready to help you find ways to add to or show the value of a property, just as we can help you find homes with the right features and updates to make it comfortable year-round.

Check On Your Windows

If your windows are older, or if they have not been re-sealed in a longer period of time, they can start letting more cold air through. Caulking your windows can keep them sealed shut so this is not a problem for you. If your home has single-pane windows, consider replacing them in favor of double-pane windows that are more effective for weather-proofing. Insulated curtains are also a smart feature for trapping the heat in your home.

Make Sure Your Furnace Is In Good Shape

Few home problems are as upsetting as the loss of heat during the coldest time of the year. To avoid this, consider having your furnace serviced to make sure that there are no problems. Checking on it can lead to problems being caught early. It can also lead to positive small changes like the replacement of air filters. Removing old and dirty filters to replace them with clean ones can ensure that warm air travels more easily to the different rooms of your home.

Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

If you are looking to sell your home, if you are looking at a potential home to buy, or if you just want to stay comfortable during the winter, start thinking about insulation. Adding to your home’s insulation can be a good idea if you have higher heating bills or often feel uncomfortable. While looking into this project, look for any cold spots in your home that might need more protection.

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