Get a Home Inspection Before You List

Making the decision to sell your home doesn’t come likely. While circumstances with a job or family may necessitate that you make the decision quickly, it doesn’t lessen the impact. Your home is a huge monetary and emotional investment. When you decide to sell your home, it can take some time for you to be ready. While you’re getting there on an emotional level, it’s important to make sure you’re handling the more administrative side of selling your home. One step that many homesellers overlook is getting a professional home inspection before they list.

A Home Inspection Is Designed to Protect the Parties Involved

A professional home inspection’s purpose is to protect the parties involved in selling and buying a home. The home inspection should be completed by an unaffiliated third party, and its goal is to reveal a more complete picture of the health of the home in question. If there are issues with the foundation, wear and tear from pests, or infrastructure that needs to be replaced, the home inspection should bring these things to light. If you’re selling your home, every prospective buyer will schedule a home inspection before closing, so it’s better to learn about your house beforehand.

If You Schedule an Inspection Before Listing, You Can Take Action

Imagine this scenario: You’ve listed your home and you’ve got an interested buyer who is ready to make an offer. They schedule a home inspection that reveals you’ve got some significant water damage in your attic. Suddenly, they want to knock thousands of dollars off of your asking price. Now you have to decide whether to make the repairs yourself — hoping that the buyer will wait — or to sell your home below what you had originally hoped for. If you had scheduled a home inspection before listing your property, you would know about this issue and you could fix it or adjust for it in your asking price without the added time stressor involved.

Home Inspections Allow You to Feel Good About Your Sale

By getting a third party to verify the health of your home, you can feel good about the asking price you set, and the financial transaction overall. You don’t want to sell your home in bad faith, or without knowing that there was some issue. A home inspection can give you and your buyer peace of mind as you move forward with this big decision. Again, there are a lot of emotions involved in selling a home, and you don’t want a hang up in the process to create any added stress.

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