Don’t Just Sell Your Home, Sell Your Neighborhood

To move your home from the market quickly and get a great price for it, you need to put your best foot forward. Often, that means focusing on what makes your home exceptional. It helps to have a third-party evaluate your home listing to see if you’ve forgotten to list any features that someone might want in a home. However, if you get too wrapped up in selling your home, you might also forget another important selling point: your neighborhood. There’s a reason location is such an important factor in people’s home-buying decision. Don’t forget to emphasize this factor!

People Are Moving Into Your Neighborhood as Well as Your Home

Think about your own home-buying experience. How did you start to organize your search? Did you focus first on homes with a master suite? No, you probably started with a location in mind. Living near work and recreational experiences is important to many homebuyers, so include this information in your home listing. What makes your neighborhood exceptional? What drew you to the area initially? Make sure these items are selling points with any promotional materials you put together.

You May Need to Rediscover Your Own Neighborhood During This Process

It can be easy for you to stop seeing everything around you in your own neighborhood. You probably have a short list of places you visit and features you use, but you’re not selling your home to yourself. You need to keep in mind the perspective of a prospective homebuyer. What type of person is likely to want to buy your home? What features might be important to them, and where can you find those features in your neighborhood. You may need to do a little research and a little re-exploration of your own neighborhood to paint a complete picture.

Marry the Benefits of Your Home and Neighborhood Together

With your neighborhood in mind as a selling point, you can start to put together a better description of your own home. How does your home and its features fit into the neighborhood at large? Are you just steps from dining and shopping options? Is the elementary school right around the corner from your home? Build an idyllic picture for the person that’s going to see your home listing and consider buying your home. Being effective with this part of the home-selling process can help you sell your home quicker and at a better price.

Work with Bill Swanson to Sell Your Omaha Home

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