Common For Sale by Owner Pitfalls

In a seller’s housing market, you may see signs in front yards that read “for sale by owner.” When you sell your own home, you don’t have to pay a commission to a real estate agent, and you handle the entire process on your own timeline. It can sound liberating and potentially lucrative, but it’s not always that easy. If you choose to sell your own home, you’ll have to make sure your listing price is right, you’ll need to do all of the marketing, and you could even run into legal issues when setting up the contracts. In some cases, selling your own home may make sense, but here are some common for sale by owner pitfalls to consider.

Marketing Your Home Takes Time, Energy, and Money

When you sell your own home, you’ll have to be the one who brings in the potential buyers. This can eat up a lot of personal time and energy. If you want to get your listing placed in front of the right buyers, this may also take some financial resources as well. Marketing your open house takes work, and then you have to actually organize and orchestrate the open house. Showings can be a hassle when you’re in charge of all the details, and if the right people don’t know about your showing, you might not even get any potential buyers.

Understanding the Intricacies of Housing Market Prices Takes Knowledge

There are plenty of resources to help you research everything you need to know about your housing market and the value of your home. However, if selling homes isn’t your full-time job, there are simply something you may overlook. Are you sure you’re setting the perfect asking price based on the features of your home, it’s location, and market conditions? You don’t want to list yourself out of thousands of dollars. Plus, when it comes time to do some home maintenance before listing, you want to be sure you’re spending money on the right projects.

Legalease Mostly Means Hassle for Home Sellers

Buying or selling a home takes a lot of paperwork. It’s a major financial decision for all of the parties involved, and it’s one you want to get right. Tangled up in all of that paperwork are important notices about codes and property disclosures. If you’re not fully knowledgeable on the subject, you could land yourself in some legal trouble during this phase of the process. Working with a real estate agent ensures that you’ll have an expert on your team handling these issues for you.

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