3 Fun, Pragmatic Stay-at-Home Activities

This is the ultimate test of how resourceful you are when it comes to entertaining yourself. For many people right now, they’re not just entertaining themselves, but they’re also responsible for entertaining one or more kiddos too. You can burn through TV shows and video games pretty fast. Then what? It’s nice to have some pragmatic stay-at-home activities that don’t require any extra parts. We’ve already covered some options for virtual tours, and we’ve got some more pragmatic activities for you today. Here are 3 productive things you can do to entertain yourself and others while staying home. (more…)

More Ways to Stay Entertained at Home

Whether you’re at home by yourself, or you’ve been thrust into the role of primary caregiver to multiple children each day, self quarantining presents many new challenges. One of the main challenges is staying mentally stimulated with an abundance of inside time. You can only watch so much TV, and it’s nice to have a variety of entertainment options that stimulate your brain in a variety of ways. Earlier this week, we posted about virtual museum tours, which are a great educational option during quarantine. Today, we’ve got virtual farm tours from the American Dairy Association! (more…)

At-Home Museum Tours During Social Distancing

A self-imposed quarantine is something new for everyone, and each day requires new adjustments. You’ve probably already started to burn yourself out on binge watching streaming services, so how about something a little more mentally stimulating? There are actually a number of world-renowned museums that offer virtual tours of their works. This is a great way to shake up your quarantine routine and try something new while you’re staying at home. It’s going to take a lot of different activities to stay busy, so here’s a start. (more…)

What Kind of First Impression Does Your Home Make?

Never underestimate the power of a first impression. They say it takes six or seven impressions to erase an initial first impression, and while that’s important to know when it comes to people, it’s invaluable when it comes to houses. When you decide to sell your home, you will eventually put it on the market for everyone to see. Make the wrong first impression, and there won’t be another six or seven — there won’t even be a second. Do you know what kind of first impression your home is making on potential buyers? (more…)

Are You Joining a Homeowner’s Association?

Finding the right home is about the neighborhood fit, just as much as it is about the house itself. It’s important that you find a place that suits your lifestyle and is convenient for you. You’ll also want to know what kind of expectations you’ll need to manage as a homeowner. If your home is part of a homeowner’s association, it can come with some guidelines, fees, and obligations that you’ll have to keep up with. You definitely want to know about those things before you buy. So here’s a brief guide on homeowner’s associations and questions you should ask before making a purchase. (more…)

Plan Ahead for Summer Vacation

The summer season typically brings with it some schedule flexibility that allows for fun trips. Summer vacations can be relaxing and restorative, but they can also get expensive quickly. You don’t want your fun family outing to cause a disruption to the monthly budget. To avoid this, it’s important to plan ahead. That means deciding on a scope for your summer vacation, budgeting in advance, and finding ways to keep the trip cost-effective. Here’s how you can plan ahead to make this summer vacation a great personal and financial experience. (more…)

Do You Know How to Do These Common Homeowner Tasks?

Purchasing your first home is a huge milestone in your life. Many people aspire to homeownership for years and years, and now you’ve finally made it. Of course, now you have to maintain and care for your home. Being a homeowner is like being a parent in some ways. You have to look out for your home and keep it safe. Preventive maintenance can save you lots of money in the long run as a homeowner. It’s also important to know how to fix small issues yourself so you don’t spend a fortune calling in the experts. So, as a little review, do you know how to do these common homeowner tasks? (more…)

Set Mile Markers When Saving to Buy a Home

Positioning yourself to buy a home takes foresight and planning. A home purchase represents a major financial commitment, and you want to feel good about the purchase when you make it. There are options that can allow you to purchase a home with only 3% down (or even 0% down in some cases). Those options may be best for you, but often, by planning ahead, you can position yourself to pay less in interest over the life of your mortgage. To reach the stage when you’re ready to actually move forward with a home purchase, you should start setting savings mile markers. (more…)

Budgeting for Homeowner Costs Saves You Money

It’s incredible how much money simply having a budget can save you. You probably know approximately what your monthly costs are, and you understand how much money you need to get by. Actually sitting down and laying out a budget can really save you some money though. When you look at the hard numbers on what you’re spending and how much you’re saving, it can help you to adjust certain lifestyle habits that you may have picked up. If you don’t currently have a budget that accounts for homeowner costs, it’s time to start. (more…)

Special Loans for First-Time Buyers

If the process behind buying a home has discouraged you from attempting to do so, you’re not alone. Legal and financial barriers can make it difficult to take the leap as a first-time homebuyer, even if you’re really excited to own your first home. You should know that there are some unique home financing options for first-time buyers to help you get across the finish line. In today’s blog, we cover some of the different types of first-time homebuyer loans, their pros and cons, and how you can utilize these options to purchase your very first home. (more…)