Tips For Keeping A Cool Home During The Summer

example of someone whose home is too warmWhile Nebraska winters can be more intimidating than the typical summer, the heat can be a problem for any home that is not built to keep its cool. If you are trying to find a home that will serve you well when it is warm out, or if you want to make improvements to stay more comfortable in your current space, there are several things you should know. Making yourself more comfortable could just be a matter of maintaining your air conditioning unit, but it could also involve changes to your insulation, windows, or even your roof. Our Omaha, NE real estate group can help you understand what makes a home truly comfortable, and we can help you make a property you want to sell as attractive as possible to buyers. (more…)

Choosing The Right Home For A Growing Family

a growing family has a new homeMany people who begin their search for a home are trying to find a space that can serve them well even as their family grows. In other words, as you look at different listings, you may want to keep an eye out for spaces that offer more than you need right now in order to find a place you will still love years from now. One benefit to working with someone who boasts considerable experience with Omaha real estate is having someone to talk to who can help you find an ideal space for a growing family. That means finding the square footage you might need if you go from being part of a loving couple to a loving family. It also means looking for a location in the kind of neighborhood where you can raise youngsters. (more…)

Should You Renovate Your Home Before Trying To Sell It?

When you list your home, you can hope to see it sell for an impressive sum. While some property owners will put time and money into renovations before putting their house on the market, others choose to sell as-is and adjust their expectations accordingly. Which approach is right for you? Making your home more desirable can make it more attractive, but you can end up hurting yourself financially if the investment on your end exceeds the extra money you can make with your listing. Our Omaha, NE real estate group has considerable experience helping people sell and purchase homes. We can help you determine what projects are worth your time and money, and to recognize when renovations might be more trouble than they are worth. (more…)

Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Yard Space

If you are searching for the right living space, or trying to make your current home more attractive, think about what the grounds outside the house can do for you. Yard spaces can be great for families, or for couples who want to enjoy cozy evenings under the stars. If you are not thrilled by your current yard, big improvements can be possible with the right projects. Our Omaha real estate group knows how valuable the right surroundings can be for home buyers. We can help you look for a location that has the right makings for a gorgeous backyard, or we can help you show off your outdoor spaces if you are interested in selling your home! (more…)

Are You Asking The Right Questions During Your Home Search?

When you start to search for a home, should you enter the process with a clear vision for what you want, or should you keep an open mind about what will be on the market? Some people begin looking for a home with more set ideas about what they want than others, but the process can be faster and easier when you know what appeals to you. Knowing what you want is important, but you should also be ready to ask the right questions to make sure that a property will keep you happy. We have experience helping connect families with wonderful homes in the Omaha area, and we can help you find and purchase the property that truly suits you. (more…)

These Tips Can Help You Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

What features stood out to you when your purchased your current home? A living space can attract people thanks to its size, features like hardwood floor or renovated counters, or even its surrounding neighborhood features. When you decide to put your home on the market, take time to think about why you originally chose it, and make sure these features stand out to others. Your Omaha, NE real estate group can help you secure a sale by helping you make the best case for your property, and by helping you market it to potential buyers.

Tips For Finding The Right Living Space If You Have Kids

Your views on what the “right” living space looks like can change when you are preparing to start a family. In addition to finding a place that feels stylish and comfortable, you also need to focus on somewhere that is safe…and easy to clean. Your Omaha real estate group can help you identify features that work well for families, and help you discover the right home for a growing family. While some of these features can be included in the design of the home, there are also additions and renovations that can make a space more family-friendly. (more…)

Keeping Your Home Comfortable In Different Seasons

If you want to create an ideal living space, comfort is obviously a priority. How can you make sure your home is pleasant at any time of year as the seasons change? This is a question homeowners should ask themselves, but it can also be important to know what features to look for if you are searching for a new property. Creating a comfortable living space year-round means more than just having the right heating and air conditioning in place. There are additional steps that can and should be taken to help keep your indoors temperate no matter what the weather is like outside. Your Omaha real estate group is here to help if you ever have questions about what can make a new home right for you. We can also help you make sure your property is as attractive as possible to buyers! (more…)

Easy Home Improvement Tasks You Can Take On

If you are contemplating putting your home on the market, or if you just want to do more with your space, home improvement tasks can be beneficial. With that said, you may not be eager to tackle a larger project at the moment. Can you make meaningful changes to your home without a costly investment, and without having to bring in people or resources? Relatively small improvement projects can make a big difference to how you feel in your home. They also give you a task that you can take on without having to hire experts or make purchases. A modest investment of your time and effort can lead to some welcome changes, and make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings. (more…)

3 Fun, Pragmatic Stay-at-Home Activities

This is the ultimate test of how resourceful you are when it comes to entertaining yourself. For many people right now, they’re not just entertaining themselves, but they’re also responsible for entertaining one or more kiddos too. You can burn through TV shows and video games pretty fast. Then what? It’s nice to have some pragmatic stay-at-home activities that don’t require any extra parts. We’ve already covered some options for virtual tours, and we’ve got some more pragmatic activities for you today. Here are 3 productive things you can do to entertain yourself and others while staying home. (more…)