Are You Joining a Homeowner’s Association?

Finding the right home is about the neighborhood fit, just as much as it is about the house itself. It’s important that you find a place that suits your lifestyle and is convenient for you. You’ll also want to know what kind of expectations you’ll need to manage as a homeowner. If your home is part of a homeowner’s association, it can come with some guidelines, fees, and obligations that you’ll have to keep up with. You definitely want to know about those things before you buy. So here’s a brief guide on homeowner’s associations and questions you should ask before making a purchase.

Know Whether or Not There Is a Homeowner’s Association

The first box you’ll want to check is knowing whether or not there is a homeowner’s association where you’re moving. If you’re purchasing a condominium, or you’re moving into any sort of shared housing situation, there will often be an HOA. The same is true of planned developments. If you’re moving into a master-planned community, they probably have an HOA to manage the common areas and retain a sense of cohesion to the neighborhood.

Know the HOA Covenants Before Buying

Once you know whether or not there is an HOA in your neighborhood, you’ll want to find out what the covenants of the HOA are. This is knowledge that you want to get first hand, either online or through the HOA office. What are the exact rules that you’ll need to follow when it comes to maintaining your own property? What sort of financial obligations might HOA membership include? Is there a monthly fee? If so, how much is it?

Know Who Runs Your HOA

You’ll also want to know who runs your HOA. What is the reputation of the people involved with this organization? If there is any sort of issue that arises in your time as a member of the HOA, you’ll want to know who you can contact about said issue. The members of the HOA board are typically elected, or they serve on a volunteer basis. Talking to current homeowners who are not directly affiliated with the board is a good place to start.

Know Your Insurance Responsibilities

Depending on the covenants of your HOA and state regulations, homeowners may take on various insurance obligations for their own property, and the HOA may manage insurance obligations of common areas. Again, it’s good to be aware of these details before you move in.

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