One of the most beneficial things you can do when setting out on your journey to purchase a home is make a decision checklist. Many factors will influence your final decision, and listing and prioritizing those factors will help keep you organized. If you’re making the decision with a partner, this will also keep you from getting lost in the weeds over a small detail. If you need to decide between two listings, refer back to your decision checklist. In today’s blog, you’ll find some factors that you can use to create your own decision checklist for buying a home.

Create Your List of Physical and Financial Parameters First

Before you start looking for a home, you should determine your physical and financial parameters first. You don’t want to talk yourself into a property that is too far away from work or outside of your budget. Determine your budget and the type of mortgage for which you are eligible. You can use a mortgage calculator to help with this, and you should start the process of getting pre-approved as you begin to look. Next, decide on hard physical parameters for the location of your home. This will limit your search and prevent a scenario where you commit to your “dream home,” while simultaneously creating a 75-minute commute for yourself.

Next, Focus on the Needs That Your Home Should Address

Distinguishing wants from needs can be tricky, and this is when conversing with your partner will really help. You can hold each other accountable. If you’re purchasing this home on your own, consider confiding in a family member or close friend for this process. The “needs” for your home will ultimately be up to you. You may need at least two bedrooms for practical purposes. Your family is expanding and you don’t want to purchase another home for at least five years. That’s a need.

Finally, Create a List of Wants That Will Steer You

Your financial and physical parameters, as well as your list of needs will help narrow the focus of your home search. Your list of wants will help you decide between properties. Do you want a large island in the kitchen? Do you want an attached backyard? These are details that won’t make-or-break your home purchase decision, but they can guide you to the right decision. Prioritize your wants to keep your search organized and your decision-making process clear. Odds are, you won’t find a home that satisfies all your wants, but it will at least meet your needs.

Start Your Homeownership Journey with Bill Swanson

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