How to Build Credit Before Buying a Home

If you’re not a personal finance nerd, making a foray into the world of personal credit and home financing can feel a little overwhelming. You probably just want to buy a home. Having a good credit score will be a huge ally in the process! You can begin building, repairing, or improving your credit score by taking some simple steps. If you’re not trying to buy a home in the immediate future, this is actually the perfect time to start focusing on your credit! It takes time to build a strong credit score, and the steps you take don’t have to be complicated.

First, Find Out What Your Credit Score Is

When you work on any sort of problem, you want to eliminate as many unknowns as possible. In the case of your credit score, not knowing your starting point is a huge unknown! You should first find out what your current credit score is. There are plenty of options for free credit reporting of which you can take advantage. You may have heard that “checking your score causes it to go down.” If you’re constantly checking your credit score it can be affected, but that’s not necessary once you have a starting point as you prepare to buy a home.

Start with a Practical Credit Product to Build Your Score

If you’re starting with a limited credit history, you should choose a practical credit product to get going. Secured credit cards take an up-front security deposit. They’re relatively easy to obtain, and managing this card is a great starting point. You can set up recurring purchases (subscriptions) to be paid with the card to start building your credit. Retail cards with rewards points can also be an enticing option. While these types of products might work well for your lifestyle, you should note the high interest rate and ensure that the balance on the card is paid in full, monthly.

Adding to Your Credit History Can Build Your Reputation

Your credit score is basically a confidence measurement of financial institutions in your ability to manage borrowed money. Building a history of good credit — having access to borrowed money and repaying it on time — takes time. You can check with your landlord to see if that person or institution reports your rent payments to credit bureaus. This contributes to your credit history as well. You can also become an authorized user on the credit card of a family member with good credit.

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