3 Roadblocks to Avoid When Buying a Home

Simply put: Buying a home is a process. It takes time, money, and multiple parties to get everything done. There are plenty of places to get snagged along the way, and there’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on a house you truly love, due to some preventable reason. In today’s blog, we cover three common roadblocks that you can easily avoid, making the home buying process much easier for yourself. Keeping these things in mind, you can approach the home search with confidence. Don’t let this process stress you out! You got this.

1. Get Your Financing Ducks in a Row

Imagine this scenario: You spend weeks searching for a new home, when finally, you discover the place. It’s perfect for your immediate needs, and you can see a future in this place. Even better, it’s within your budget. It’s time to make an offer and you’re hit with the question: Are you pre-approved for a mortgage? If you answer, “no,” this puts you way behind the pack in your ability to close on a home. In competitive housing markets, you have to have pre-approval to move quickly on a home that you want. There’s nothing worse than losing out on the perfect home because you didn’t have financing secured in advance.

2. Have a Home Inspection Service that You Trust

Time is of the essence when it comes to closing on your ideal home. Another place where people can get snagged is during the home inspection phase. You’ll want to complete a thorough home inspection using a professional service before you finalize a home purchase. The home inspection can reveal important details about the condition of the home you’re buying, and this can affect the final offer price. If you’re not ready to go with a home inspection service, it may give another potential buyer the chance to slide in and act.

3. Establish Your Home Buying Criteria

Before you even begin your home search, you should make sure that anyone involved in the home purchase — like your partner — is on the same page with you. You should have a thorough conversation about what you both want and need in a home. Develop a home buying criteria that classifies each of your wants and needs. That way, you both know exactly what kind of homes will and won’t work for you when you begin seeing them in person. This is another way to ensure that you don’t experience any unexpected hangups during the process.

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